Boiler Bash Dash…..Welcome Purdue University Students!

Boiler Bash Dash…..Welcome Purdue University Students!

Welcome students! We are so glad to have you join us for the Boiler Bash Dash!

Calla Collaborative Health is an agency that strives to help college students with emotional and mental health issues that potentially interfere with academic and personal success. We are here to guide you through challenges, including relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, substance use and more. Our mission is to empower students to grow to their maximum potential!

We want to help you start off the semester right! Here are some tips for self-care.

1. Spend time outside. Do what makes you feel alive. Enjoy nature. Visit the Celery Bog or Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette and take a walk or bike ride.

2. Practice mindfulness, take a deep breath, slow down. When our mind races it might mean we need to be STILL. Visit the SY-Your Stillness Studio in West Lafayette for Virtual and In person Classes. Your first class is FREE!!!

3. Take action – get organized. Our environment contributes significantly to our mood and energy. Make your space clean and neat. Put on your favorite, soft t-shirt! Visit the Retail Therapy, a new boutique on Main Street in Lafayette, to find your perfect West Lafayette inspired decor or grab a Scout tote bag to organize your room!