Gold Plan

Are you employed by a certified Mental Health or Alcohol and Drug Services agency? Do you work for the Court System or Probation? Are you part of a University or College Counseling Center? Or an EAP of a corporation? Then this is the plan for your employer!!

The Gold Plan allows a company to access full use of all copyright materials through a license agreement and monthly membership program. No monthly workbook orders, it is all included!

How Does It Work?

Meet the prerequisites of having a staff with mental health / addictions experience. Agree that class size will be 25 participants or less. (10 to 12 for our Virtual Platform) 

Contact us for the information packet which outlines the programs more specifically and provides an overview of membership opportunities.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Schedule a meeting with CCH to review and sign the licensing agreement terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Calla Crew! Your company receives Calla Kit, including Instructor materials and Digital Access to all program materials, yearly ubdates and ongoing white glove service per monthly subscription.

Company then sends staff to attend a CCH run Get S-M-A-R-T class and schedules on site-support / training, if applicable.

Remember, Get S-M-A-R-T is an Early Intervention program, therefore many of the copyright exercises are clinical in nature, and to ensure efficacy of our program we believe in ongoing support for Instructors to ensure quality delivery of the program.